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Valles Calchaquies-Cuesta del Obispo

Calchaquíes Valleys

Picturesque roads and landscapes of farms, chapels and villages with colonial airs.

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Ballenas en Patagonia

Whales in Patagonia

Peninsula de Valdes, the natural reservoir of marine fauna of South America

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Salta, Tren a las Nubes

Train to the Clouds - Salta

434 Km of Andes Mountains at 4.220 meters above sea level. Up to the Punas

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Jujuy, Quebrada y Puna

Jujuy, Quebrada de Humahuaca and Puna 

Vestiges of ancient cultures remain among the valleys and colorful hills of La Quebrada.

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Glaciar Perito Moreno - Santa Cruz

Perito Moreno Glacier

A monumental ice-wall of 70 meters of height that falls majestically.

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Valle de la Luna - San Juan

Valle de la Luna
The Moon Valley

treasures in a geography of a different time.

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Tango - Noche de Pasión

Tango - A night of Passion

A night visit to a series of Milongas of Buenos Aires.
Music, dance and shows.

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Aventura en Bariloche

Adventure in Bariloche

Mountains, lakes, rivers, forests and falls are the scenery for the action. Ski, fishing and trekking.

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Cataratas del Iguazú

Iguazú Falls

The roar of the waters in the heart of the Forest. A visit the National Park, where animals and flora are all around.

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Ushuaia - Tierra del Fuego - Faro del Fin del Mundo

The Lighthouse at the End of the World

Inspiration to Jules Verne, Ushuaia: the most southern city in the world.

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La Pampa del Gaucho

The Pampa of the Gaucho

Noble people with traditions and customs in the vast and fertile Pampas.

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Córdoba - Los Caminos de la Fe

Los Caminos de la Fe

Jesuitical Cordoba and folk tradition Cities and Journeys.

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Antártida - Cruceros y paseos

A Cruise to Antarctica

An unforgettable journey through extraordinary landscapes and unique fauna.

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Ski in Argentina

All ski centers

The options to enjoy the sun and the snow
- Where to sleep and eat

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Gastronomia y Recetas de Argentina - Otilia Kusmin

Argentina's Cooking Recipes

Otilia Kusmin proposes original vernacular delicacies.

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Pesca en Corrientes y Argentina

Shore Fishing in Mar del Plata

The best fishing spots.
Fishing map

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Sandboard en Jujuy

Sandboard in Jujuy

Great meeting on the Huáncar de Abra Pampa hill.

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Trekking: Ascenso al Volcán Lanín

Trekking: Climbing the Volcano Lanin

Technically simple route with wonderful views.

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