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Ski Resorts in Argentina

 Skiing in Los Andes - Top Spots to Ski in Argentina


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Ski Resorts in Argentina

CERRO CATEDRAL - Bariloche - Río Negro


LAS LEÑAS - Mendoza

CHAPELCO - San Martín de los Andes - Neuquén

CAVIAHUE - Neuquén

LA HOYA - Esquel - Chubut

CERRO BAYO - Villa La Angostura - Neuquén

CERRO CASTOR- Ushuaia - Tierra del Fuego


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The ski season in Argentina starts in July, reaches its peak in August and finishes at the end of September.

The most important ski resorts in the country are Cerro Catedral in Bariloche, Las Leñas in Mendoza and Chapelco in San Martin de los Andes.

All ski resorts located on the Argentine side of the Andes Mountans, from Mendoza to Tierra del Fuego, have slopes indicated for beginners, intermediate and advanced skiers.

The larger differences being in the advanced, with a wider variety of designs and of course more difficulty due to the layout.

The province of Mendoza has several winter sports resorts. Mountains in this area are higher than in Patagonia: Las Leñas resort, in the Mendoza Andes, has an excellent reputation for the quality of powder snow, with its valleys running North to South framed by large pieces of bare rock. Most slopes are obstacle free.

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Los Penitentes is another resort in Mendoza, where beginners can try to acquire experience at the base of the mountain, for the tracks are designed close to the buildings that form its structure.

The province of Neuquen has a portion of the Andes where valleys run east to west, with a tendency to narrowing.

There the weather is more humid due to the presence of the great lakes and the vegetation is more exuberant. The tracks go through deep green forests that splash the snow.
Cerro Castor ski Argentina
Chapelco has excellent and well looked after slopes, with a complete infrastructure that includes services in the mountains and good access from the cities.

The area located next to the Graef shelter is appropriate for a risk-free descent. You can get there by cablecar. It is ideal for beginners for it has a series of gentle slopes.
Valle de Las Leñasr ski Argentina In Neuquen you will find Caviahue resort, where you can combine ski and thermal waters in the neighbor town of Copahue, at the base of the volcano after which it was named.

This ski resort has a variety of slopes, good for all levels. Plus, you have the option of practicing nordic ski on the sides of Copahue volcano or any other mountain of the region.

Cerro Bayo is one of the most recommended resorts of the Neuquen region for beginners, even though it has slopes for every level. It has good snow conditions, beautiful and quiet surroundings, family atmosphere and affordable prices.
In Bariloche, Rio Negro province, you will find Cerro Catedral. It is the oldest winter resort of Argentina and one of the most traditional. It is the most important of South America due to the conditions of the slopes and the variety of services.

It is skiers’ paradise, the snow conditions couldn’t be better and it has modern means of elevation. The landscape is breathtaking with high beech forest, crystal water lakes and the view of the Tronador and Challhuaco mountains to complete the experience.
In the Province of Chubut you will find an old and small ski resort called La Hoya in Esquel. It has good technology, excellent services and very affordable prices.

All the area is full of old legends related with the stories of the famous American gunmen Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, who were in this area running away from the law and doing what they pleased.
Tierra del Fuego has the perfect conditions for nordic ski, for its wide plain covered in snow favour it.

Beginners in nordic ski will feel safe in the gentle slopes located on the mountainous area of the island.

These winter sports resorts have elevation means.
Cerro Castor, Altos del Valle, en la Ruta Nacional 3, Glaciar Martial, Francisco Jerman, camino al Glaciar Martial, Haruwen, Las Cotorras, Solar del Bosque y Tierra Mayor.
Cerro Bayo Argentina Child skiing in Argentina
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