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Tips on Argentina – Useful information

Useful Information for the Traveler


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The local currency is the Peso ($)

If you need to exchange foreign currency, concur to an exchange or an authorized bank. In hotels and serious shopping dollars are accepted without problem. Just change it essential because IT IS NOT POSSIBLE TO BUY DOLLARS WITH PESOS. Note that there are two different quotes.


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Pesos, bills and coins, Argentina currency

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Tips in Argentina

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Pesos, bills and coins, Argentina currency

Credit Cards

You can charge your purchases in most stores, bars and restaurants in the city, with any of the most important credit cards. Keep in mind that in some cases a 10 to 20% overprice might occur, over cash prices.

American Express, ☎ 4312-1661
Visa, ☎ 4379-3333
Diners, ☎ 4765-2200
Argentina 220 volts voltageMastercard, ☎ 4331-2555

Electricity - Voltage
Argentina uses a 220 Voltage, so if you are going to bring any appliances bear in mind that you should have a transformator or consult an electrician.

Bank and Commercial hours
Regular banking hours are Monday through Friday 10 a.m.
to 3 p.m. Regular store hours are Monday through Friday 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. and Saturdays 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. Shopping malls and certain supermarket chains are open every day 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. On certain main streets of the city you will also find stores open on Saturday afternoon. In the interior of the country, people are used to doing siesta, so stores are closed between 1:30 and 4 p.m.

National Holidays
January 1: New Year
February (about 10 to 15): Carnival
March 24: National Day of Memory for Truth and Justice
March (late) April (early): Holy Week
April 2: Veterans Day and Memorial in the Malvinas War
May 1: Labor Day
May 25: First National Government. Day of the May Revolution
June 20: Flag Day. Death Anniversary of General Manuel Belgrano
July 9: Independence Day
August 17: Death Anniversary of General José de San Martín
October 12: Columbus Day. Day of Respect for Cultural Diversity
November 20: Day of National Sovereignty
December 8: Feast of the Immaculate Conception of Mary
December 25: Christmas

All purchases or consumptions are charged a 21% tax called I.V.A. (a type of sales tax) and in some cases tourists can get a refund for it when leaving the country

Arriving in the country
Most countries get a 90-day stay permit and don’t need a visa, just a current passport. Neighbor countries need an ID only. If you need to stay over 90 days you should go to the Immigration office
(Av Antartida Argentina 1355, Capital federal. ☎ 4311-3514/7695)

You can bring domestic animals with the necessary documentation and vaccination. But, no plants, fruits, vegetables or perishable foods are allowed (marmalade, fresh produce, etc).
If you are bringing your car or renting one you need a valid international drivers license.

Federal Police Officers are on foot, on horse, on motorcycle and on cars. You can see them in their dark blue uniform, occasionally wearing an orange vest while directing traffic. If you have any problem go directly to them. In the port area, safety is in the hands of the Prefectura Naval, they wear brown uniforms. They don’t always speak English, but they’ll do their best to help you. In the frontiers, the Gendarmeria Nacional will take care of the safety. They wear olive green uniforms.

We recommend:
That you leave your passport, airplane ticket, valuables and cash, in the safety deposit box at the hotel,
That when making a payment you don’t exhibit a large amount of cash,
That you don’t leave your handbag, camera, shopping bags or any other valuable unattended,
That you don’t walk in dark streets or desert areas late at night,
That you always ask for a receipt when you purchase something.

It is a costume to leave tips at bars and restaurants. It is usually a 10% of the total of the receipt. In other services it is not obligatory but you may still wish to leave a tip.

Rules of Courtesy
The most common way of salute is a handshake. If the relationship is closer you may want to give a little peck on the cheek. It is of common courtesy to bring a small gift when you visit a house.


Mobile Phones

Companies: Claro, Movistar and Personal
 Mobile Phones in ArgentinaIn Argentina, cell function based on GSM and 3G technology. However, computers can be used in GSM technology throughout Argentina by service "Roaming" offered by cell phone companies.

Mobile Internet:
The cellular mobile telephone companies offer mobile internet service

Fixed Phones:
You can find "Locutorios", shops where you can make local or international calls in cabins. Also they provide internet and rent a computer PC per hour or less

There are two pay-phone services in Argentina: Telefonica and Telecom. Keep in mind that if you want to make a long distance call you will need to have a lot of change in coins or a card. All Buenos Aires numbers have 8 digits.

Telephone Cards
You can purchase telephone cards of different values according on the call you have to make, in many kiosks, magazine and street stands.

You can use the card from pay phones or home phones, for you don’t have to slide it in the phone. You have to call a free number that appears on the card.

Most operators speak Spanish, Portuguese or English. Calls are cheaper using this system.
Information and Sales of Telephone cards:☎ 0-800-3333-842

Secretaria de Turismo de La Nación
The National Tourism Office has a free 24-hour telephone service where you can get answers to all your questions:☎ 0-800-555-0016 or you can go directly to the offices located at:

Aeropuerto de Ezeiza, International Flights:☎ 4480-0224/0227/0092 (8 am to 8 pm)

Aeroparque, Central Sector:☎ 4771-0104 (8 am to 8 pm)

Main Information: Av Santa Fe 883, between Suipacha and Esmeralda, Buenos Aires, ☎ 4312-2232

In every town you will find a tourist information center. They are usually located at airports, bus and stations and in Town Halls
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